Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lilly 12 months

I started this post almost a month ago and never got around to this year so far has been...BUSY.  On Valentine's Day we celebrated Lilly's first birthday with a Winter ONEderland theme.  Lilly was also dedicated this day.  The gown she wore was the same gown Tyler wore for his baptism.  It was such a special day surrounded by family and friends.  Here are a few pictures from her special day.

A few decorations..the quality is terrible.

All of the family that came to town for the special day.



Chastain Family

Daniel Tiger is a favorite, and books!

She wanted to blow the candle out after I took it away :)

Surprised the hat lasted as long as it did.

Sharing her cake, she's a sweetie!

She didn't make a huge mess!


  1. Such a sweet party and a sweet baby!

  2. This was a wonderful day and such special events to celebrate! Loved having so much of our family there. All the great-grandparents, how special! Love this baby!!